At Reyo Media, our users’ privacy is important. Below you will find our Privacy Policy, which covers all personally identifiable data shared through Reyo Media and our website. Our Privacy Policy applies to and and any additional websites (collectively, “Site“) which Reyo Media Limited, having its place of business at 7, Ludgate Hill 35-37, London EC4M 7JN, the United Kingdom, and its affiliates, owns and operates (collectively “Reyo Media”, “we”, or “our”).

This Privacy Policy describes how Reyo Media collects and uses the personal data you provide throughout our Service, the options, choices and rights you have in connection with the personal data we collect, and our relevant privacy personnel’s contact details.

Our goal is to enable you to properly understand relevant information about your personal data rights and ensure that you feel satisfied that we handle such personal data in a fair and transparent way.

Please note, you are not obligated to provide us with any personal data by law. We are big fans of privacy and we do not sell, lease or exchange your personal data to third parties in ways other than described in this Privacy Policy.

Feel free to contact our data protection officer at for any further information.

Reyo Media Privacy Policy

Last updated: January 18, 2019.